Learning has become a very popular approach for cybernetics systems. This topic has always been considered a research in the Computational Intelligence (CI) area. With the recent success of AlphaGo, there has been a lot of interest among students and professionals to apply machine learning to gaming and in particular to the game of Go. Several conferences have held competitions human vs. computer programs or computer programs against each other. While computer programs are already better than humans (even high level professionals), machine learning still offers interesting prospects, both from the fundamental points of view (1) to even further the limits of game playing (having programs playing against each other), (2) to better understand machine intelligence and compare it to human intelligence, and from the practical point of view of enhancing the human playing experience by coaching professionals to play better or training beginners. Hence, we propose a summer school on “Computational Intelligence for Human and Machine Co-learning” in Taiwan. The objectives of organizing this summer school is to gather more students from senior high schools, undergraduate colleges, graduate schools, and even post-graduate that eager to learn some ideas from the CI area.

General Chair

Po-Hsun Cheng, Ph.D.
Professor, Software Engineering and Management
Dean, Technology College
Chair, Information Education Center

Po-Hsun Cheng,
National Kaohsiung Normal University

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Kuan-Ju Wang (Roy)
Kuan-Ju Wang (Roy)
Chun-Wei Lin (Rei)
Chun-Wei Lin (Rei)